Work from Home Tips

We are in a world now where so many companies offer a work from home option. This has so many perks, and at first you’ll think ooh I get to work from home in my jammies all day.. where do I sign up?! A couple weeks go by and you’re still working in your jammies. Your husband is coming home asking when you’re going to get dressed again.. do I know this from personal experience? Possibly. Here are some tips to help get you out of that rut and motivated!

 Get up – Get yourself up in enough time to wake up. Make yourself a cup of coffee, let the dog out, browse your phone.. or whatever your morning routine is getting up in time to have some sort of routine is key at starting the work day fresh and awake! It is also so important to get up and begin work in a set space – free of distractions.

 Get dressed – Now do I still have some work days in my pjs, sure. I have found that getting dressed makes me feel better, some days I even throw on some makeup and do my hair. It may feel silly if you’re not leaving, but trust me it makes such a difference.

Get motivated – I personally feel much more creative in my work from home space, but found myself taking less mental breaks than I would in the office. You need these little breaks for both your mental and physical well being. Find whatever it is to keep you motivated throughout the day and don’t feel guilty about taking a 10 minute break, sometimes going back with fresh eyes can make you so much more productive! If I find myself loosing focus I will go for a walk around the house, flip some laundry, or even move my workspace outside to our patio table.