Marketing Your Business on a Limited Budget

You might often wonder how to grow your business without having to invest a lot in marketing. Let’s be honest – marketing can get expensive and while we would all love unlimited marketing budgets – that is not reality.

There are some simple tricks you can follow that require your time and sometimes little to no cost.

▫️ Create Consistent Branding – Being consistent with your branding is key. Choose a color palette that resonates well with your audience and stick to it. It takes time for people to make the connection of remembering your company just from your branding, so it is crucial that you stick to the branding that you have set. If you have a large organization we suggest creating branding guidelines for everyone in your company to follow.

▫️ Leverage Social Media – Creating a social media account is free. Select the platforms that make the most sense for your business, and spend time engaging on those platforms regularly. We don’t have time to do it all, so choosing which platforms make the most sense will be important. Again – remember to be consistent with your branding when using social media.

▫️ Develop Content – You are an expert in your field, so let’s show your customers that. Take the time to develop industry specific content. Creating content gives you some amazing things to post on your social media accounts, and will help boost your website SEO if you host this content on a blog on your website. We recognize that not everyone loves writing – that is where DigiLinq Marketing can come in to help you really craft your content!

▫️ Build on Connections – Building on prior connections can take your business far. You never know where a past connection with someone might take you. Build on those connections and reach out to grow those connections even more. Referral business can be a huge reason why companies grow and word of mouth costs absolutely nothing. – This is where having amazing customer service comes into play.